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Hottest iphone Game Of The Year!

Hottest iPhone Game Of 2014 Hottest iPhone Game Of 2014 – Enemy Dawn The Enemy Dawn game for iPhone and iPad is without any doubt one of the hottest mobile games for 2014. With stunning 2D graphics and an incredibly addictive game play, Enemy Dawn has captured the minds of all – young and old. The Story The game is about the start of World War 2 and the Nazi invasion of Poland that started the war, which evolved into a worldwide struggle against tyranny and oppression. The makers of the game describe the game as an incredibly realistic journey back into the days of the Second World War as this year also marks the 75th anniversary of the Nazi invasion. The Game In the game, the player gets to become the defender of Poland fighting enemy aircraft and infantry attacks. The incredibly realistic game play is captivating and engaging and before you realize it, you will have spent hours trying to clear stage after stage of enemy intrusion across five different levels of game play. The Video Trailer that Rocked YouTube The Enemy Dawn trailer video has spread virally across various social media platforms and a huge number of iPhone game enthusiasts are waiting anxiously for the release of the game. The video shows a great deal of stunning graphics and teleports you to an era where good and evil fought it out on the battlefield. Sweepstakes for Everyone The Enemy Dawn game app makers are quite excited about the release of the game that has so many gamers captivated by the video. The enemy Dawn free gift card sweepstakes are also up for grabs for those who subscribe to email alerts regarding the game’s release. Considered one of the most awaited games for iPhone for 2014 by several critics, the game is due to release in May.

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The Best App Game Of The Season

We watched the teaser trailer of the Enemy Dawn iPhone app this week and we sure
were astounded by its capabilities. The game looks promising and we would go as
far to say that it just might be the iPhone action game of the year.
There are 2 reasons why we make this outrageous claim; those are the graphics
and the storyline.
When it comes to graphics, Enemy Dawn stands uncontested in the arena as all
other games in the Apple Store fall short. We have seen no other app make full
use the iPhone’s capabilities and they promise a gargantuan shift from the world
of idle gaming on your phone.
The storyline on the other hand is dropped in an almost poetic way. The game is
set in Poland during the 2nd World War where the Nazis have invaded Poland. This
year will mark the 75th anniversary of the event and Simplus Technologies could
not have picked a better time for its release.
The Video
We need to talk about the Enemy Dawn trailer video separately because of the
great job it has done in making sure that everyone is excited for the release of
the game. It divulges just enough in order to help you get a gist of the
situation without revealing too much about the game.
What swept us away, however, was a glimpse of the fuehrer belting away a speech
on the podium. By the end of the minute we had gone through all emotions that
exist on the human spectrum.
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The Action Game That Brings It All : Enemy Dawn!

As the 75th anniversary of the polish invasion by the Nazis draws near, the
geniuses over at Simplus technologies have let drop a bomb of atomic proportions
on YouTube in an adrenaline pumping, blood rushing Enemy Dawn Trailer video. It
took us the entire minute of the video to realize that we were watching a
trailer for an iPhone app and not the PS4.
Stunning Graphics!
This historically accurate game makes sure that you get a realistic feel of all
that occurred during World War II and it is difficult not to get too involved in
the game as the stunning 2D graphics make this action game as real as it comes.
What Enemy Dawn brings to iPhones is another level of graphics capabilities
which have not yet been delivered by other applications.
Intense Storyline!
As you return to the essence of the fight between good and evil you will find
yourself altering the course of history and will find that the future of the
world lies in your hands.
As you fight to ward off enemy attacks you can’t help but be glued to the screen
of your iPhone as historical events unfold around you. The onslaught is
relentless but equipped with a Katyusha Rocket launcher, so are you!
Simplus technologies have outdone themselves when it comes to the story and the
graphics and the Enemy Dawn app game is poised to be the most popular game of
The Sweepstakes
The early bird gets the worm and after announcing its release, Simplus
technologies also announced a very juicy Enemy Dawn free gift card sweepstakes
that you just cannot miss.
Sign up for the launch Newsletter for Enemy dawn and become one of the
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