The Best App Game Of The Season

We watched the teaser trailer of the Enemy Dawn iPhone app this week and we sure
were astounded by its capabilities. The game looks promising and we would go as
far to say that it just might be the iPhone action game of the year.
There are 2 reasons why we make this outrageous claim; those are the graphics
and the storyline.
When it comes to graphics, Enemy Dawn stands uncontested in the arena as all
other games in the Apple Store fall short. We have seen no other app make full
use the iPhone’s capabilities and they promise a gargantuan shift from the world
of idle gaming on your phone.
The storyline on the other hand is dropped in an almost poetic way. The game is
set in Poland during the 2nd World War where the Nazis have invaded Poland. This
year will mark the 75th anniversary of the event and Simplus Technologies could
not have picked a better time for its release.
The Video
We need to talk about the Enemy Dawn trailer video separately because of the
great job it has done in making sure that everyone is excited for the release of
the game. It divulges just enough in order to help you get a gist of the
situation without revealing too much about the game.
What swept us away, however, was a glimpse of the fuehrer belting away a speech
on the podium. By the end of the minute we had gone through all emotions that
exist on the human spectrum.
You better act fast because more and more people are signing up for the
newsletter, for news and updates about the Enemy Dawn app game and its impending
launch. Each subscription is an entry into the sweepstakes where you may be the
lucky individual that wins a Google Play or a World of Tanks gift Card. So go
ahead and sign up now!



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