Enemy Dawn: A History Lesson With A Twist

Become part of one of history’s biggest world events as you play the part of a
soldier in the 2nd World War. Set in Poland, Enemy Dawn takes you through
everything that happened during the liberation of Poland from the Nazis.
The YouTube Enemy Dawn Trailer video has sparked some discussions and has
everyone biting their nails in anticipation as the release date of Enemy Dawn
seems to be moving nearer at a snail’s pace.
Scheduled to be released in the spring of 2014, Enemy Dawn is poised to become
the action game of the year!
The developers at Simplus Technologies have truly outdone themselves this time!
What sets Enemy Dawn apart from other games by miles are the amazing 2D graphics
that they have been able to deliver on the iPhone. The stellar graphics go above
and beyond the expectations of iPhone gamers who have yet to see another game
that matches its capabilities.
Set during World War 2, Enemy Dawn delivers a historically accurate storyline
about the Polish invasion by the Germans.
Enemy Dawn is by far the most anticipated game of the season and it seems that
it will take the Apple Store by storm on its arrival. As you go through 5 levels
of this fun and addicting game, you will find yourself personally involved in
the game.
Now is the perfect time to kill two birds with one stone. For those who want to
know more about the Enemy Dawn app game and Simplus Technologies, the launch
newsletter is the perfect place to begin. On subscription you will start
receiving behind the scenes news and tidbits about the game before its release.
In addition, you will also be an automatic entrant into a sweepstakes where you
may be able to win a Google Play or World of Tanks Gift Card.


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