Enemy Dawn: Discovering The Best 2D Graphics Game On The Apple Store


It is the time for war and you are smack dab in the middle of it. You are a soldier fighting your way towards liberation and are leading the war effort alongside your brothers in arms. Bombs are exploding all over the place and Hitler has a hold on half the world. This is just what the Enemy Dawn app game delivers.
The Enemy Dawn is the game to look out for this year, and we are doing just that until its release in July 2014. The Enemy Dawn Trailer video that landed on YouTube with a bang has set the bar for what users will come to expect from iPhone games in the future.

With more complex game play and stellar graphics than have ever been seen on the iOS platform, Enemy Dawn is set to become the most popular action game on the Apple Store.
The 2D graphics in the game surpass those of other games in the market and make sure that you get an amazing experience throughout the game.

Addictive Gameplay
Most iPhone games fall short in one aspect or another. It may be the graphics or the storyline and even game play but no such faults can be found with Enemy Dawn, which remains true to its word throughout the 5 levels of game play until Poland is liberated.

Until the release of the game, the developers Simplus Technologies have released a newsletter that will provide its fans with some of the latest news regarding the game and its progressions.
Each subscriber to the newsletter will also be eligible to become a part of the sweepstakes where you may be the lucky winner of a Google Play or World of tanks Gift Card. You also listen to our podcast for more information on the game.




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