Enemy Dawn ~ Hold Your for Breath The Game of The Season.

Enemy Dawn: Hold Your Breath for the Game of the Season

While game play and graphics are important what makes games really engaging is provides just that. Set during the era of the 2nd World War, Enemy Dawn provides you with the chance to be part of some of the most thrilling events of history.
Enemy Dawn could not have been released at a better time as 2014 marks the 75th anniversary of the 2nd World War.
The Video That Blew Us Away
We were astounded by the kind of gra. The astoundingly real game play and the ominous events of the World War replicated in the iPhone game have given us high hopes for the game, which will be released sometime during the spring season this year.
The 2D graphics promised by the Enemy Dawn app game are better than any other game on the iOS, and work effortlessly on the platform. Simplus Technologies have outdone themselves with the graphics, and are successful in delivering a realistic experience on a challenging platform.
In addition to a thrilling storyline, Simplus Technologies has managed to develop 5 levels of the game which take the player through historical events with accuracy allowing us to emulate the feelings of the soldiers that fought in that time.
This is why we believe that Enemy Dawn will very quickly become the best game available on the Apple Store and may just become the action game of the year.
As fans await the release of the game in Spring 2014, Simplus Technologies has released a newsletter to inform them of the ups and downs of the game.
The launch newsletter, however, has another benefit. By signing up you become part of a sweepstakes where you might just be the lucky individual who gets a Google Play or World of Tanks gift card. We have our fingers crossed!


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