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Enemy Dawn Cheat Sheet


Enemy Dawn Game App will debut internationally by August 2, 2014. The game was delayed by a month to fix some last minute bugs. Enemy Dawn is the highly acclaimed war game app about the Nazi invasion of Poland in 1939. As a soldier commanding a mobile rocket launcher, you must defend Poland from an onslaught of weapons. You must fight off German panzer tanks, stuka aircraft , patrol boats , warships and infantry. The game is very intense and each level is difficult. There are 2 options for controls that you must configure before you play the game. By default, it’s set up for tilt of the device to move the rocket launcher which most people will find easier. The second option is a joystick. To reach each level, you must achieve 5000 points to advance. However, it’s easier said then done. Luckily, this cheat sheet will help players achieve the highest levels.
Level 1, is the easiest to accomplish because it allows you to score quick point by collecting gold bars. Enemy Dawn is a game that requires you to strategize the best method to scoring points quickly. You start with 8 rockets that accumulate and reload when you pick up parachute supply drops. You also must pick up fuel supply before you truck run out of gas as well as life support. You already know it takes 5000 points to advance. However, you need to know the breakdown of the points.

Aircraft is worth 500 points
Warships = 1000 points
Small patrol boats= 500 points
Towers in level 3= 500 points
Tanks= 200 points
Red Cross refugee trucks will cause you to lose (-500) points if you accidentally fire on it.
Level 2 of the game has infantry throwing grenades, tank action and relentless airplane attacks. The best strategy to win is to hit the infantry quickly before they destroy the bridges and hit airplanes early right as they appear on the screen before they target you. Accuracy is important because you only have 8 rockets at time.

Level 3, is one of the hardest levels to play but it is winnable. The key is to prioritize by targeting airplane as they first fly out from the right side of the screen. Try not to waste rockets on tanks but instead use the artillery button instead when it appears on the screen.


Level 4 is another challenging level. The key to surviving this level is to constantly be moving while trying to hit as many aircraft as possible. It’s not enough to destroy the warship in this level because the warship is worth only 1000 points and you need 5000 points to advance.


Level 5

Level 5, is the most challenging. You must drive the rocket launcher on to the barge and cross the harbor while under brutal attacks. Once again, the key of surviving is to hit airplanes and patrol boats as soon as they appear. Good look and have fun. Visit our main website for FAQ.