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Enemy Dawn: The Biggest Action Game Of 2014

The Apple store is currently bracing itself for the release of one of the greatest action game apps ever to grace the online store. As the world anticipates the release of the Enemy Dawn 2D Gaming app of the year, we were able to get our hands on a YouTube video.
The Exciting Video
The video on YouTube is perhaps one of the best we’ve seen so far ad shows us just how far we’ve come when it comes to gaming apps. The Enemy Dawn trailer video perfectly sums up what we can expect from the game.
Amazing Graphics!
Simplus Technologies present us with a breakthrough in apps and action games with never before seen graphics in iPhone games. Simplus technologies have brought the app gaming industry 3 steps forward by truly harnessing the capabilities that the iPhone has to offer.
Gameplay and Storyline
What is perhaps most appealing about Enemy Dawn is the fact that they have remained true to the essence of the 2nd World War and have presented events as they occurred. Being released in the same year that marks the 75th anniversary of World War 2, the game is set during the Polish Invasion by the Nazis.
Enemy Dawn consists of 5 levels in which you are a soldier trying to liberate Poland. The thrilling game is sure to give you Goosebumps, as you become part of the biggest historical events that the world has seen so far.
In order to reward audiences who just can’t seem to wait for the release of the Enemy Dawn App Game, Simplus Technologies have announced sweepstakes which can be entered by subscribing to the launch newsletter. Not only will you be able to get some of the latest updates regarding the game but also be eligible to receive a Google Play or World of Tanks Gift Card. We don’t know about you but we’re signing up now!


Enemy Dawn: A History Lesson With A Twist

Become part of one of history’s biggest world events as you play the part of a
soldier in the 2nd World War. Set in Poland, Enemy Dawn takes you through
everything that happened during the liberation of Poland from the Nazis.
The YouTube Enemy Dawn Trailer video has sparked some discussions and has
everyone biting their nails in anticipation as the release date of Enemy Dawn
seems to be moving nearer at a snail’s pace.
Scheduled to be released in the spring of 2014, Enemy Dawn is poised to become
the action game of the year!
The developers at Simplus Technologies have truly outdone themselves this time!
What sets Enemy Dawn apart from other games by miles are the amazing 2D graphics
that they have been able to deliver on the iPhone. The stellar graphics go above
and beyond the expectations of iPhone gamers who have yet to see another game
that matches its capabilities.
Set during World War 2, Enemy Dawn delivers a historically accurate storyline
about the Polish invasion by the Germans.
Enemy Dawn is by far the most anticipated game of the season and it seems that
it will take the Apple Store by storm on its arrival. As you go through 5 levels
of this fun and addicting game, you will find yourself personally involved in
the game.
Now is the perfect time to kill two birds with one stone. For those who want to
know more about the Enemy Dawn app game and Simplus Technologies, the launch
newsletter is the perfect place to begin. On subscription you will start
receiving behind the scenes news and tidbits about the game before its release.
In addition, you will also be an automatic entrant into a sweepstakes where you
may be able to win a Google Play or World of Tanks Gift Card.

The Action Game That Brings It All : Enemy Dawn!

As the 75th anniversary of the polish invasion by the Nazis draws near, the
geniuses over at Simplus technologies have let drop a bomb of atomic proportions
on YouTube in an adrenaline pumping, blood rushing Enemy Dawn Trailer video. It
took us the entire minute of the video to realize that we were watching a
trailer for an iPhone app and not the PS4.
Stunning Graphics!
This historically accurate game makes sure that you get a realistic feel of all
that occurred during World War II and it is difficult not to get too involved in
the game as the stunning 2D graphics make this action game as real as it comes.
What Enemy Dawn brings to iPhones is another level of graphics capabilities
which have not yet been delivered by other applications.
Intense Storyline!
As you return to the essence of the fight between good and evil you will find
yourself altering the course of history and will find that the future of the
world lies in your hands.
As you fight to ward off enemy attacks you can’t help but be glued to the screen
of your iPhone as historical events unfold around you. The onslaught is
relentless but equipped with a Katyusha Rocket launcher, so are you!
Simplus technologies have outdone themselves when it comes to the story and the
graphics and the Enemy Dawn app game is poised to be the most popular game of
The Sweepstakes
The early bird gets the worm and after announcing its release, Simplus
technologies also announced a very juicy Enemy Dawn free gift card sweepstakes
that you just cannot miss.
Sign up for the launch Newsletter for Enemy dawn and become one of the
subscribers eligible to win the coveted Google Play or World of Tanks Gift Card.

Watch Trailer http://youtu.be/ENepcGX89GA

Enemy Dawn~Free Gift Cards

Enemy Dawn is offering a free gift card sweepstakes for the World Of Tanks online game. We are offering a $ 25.00 gift card lottery monthly for those who sign up our email for Enemy Dawn App Launch. We also are offering a $10 Google Play gift card providing you twice the chance to win. Enemy Dawn is a World War Two game starting with the Nazi invasion of Poland in 1939. The key features allow you to roam through Poland with a mobile rocket launcher firing at targets such as Ju-87 stuka aircraft, panzer tanks, artillery and infantry attacks. Enemy Dawn has 5 levels of game play. We are expecting a launch in early Spring. Be the first to play this addictive game by signing up for our email and you might win a free World of Tanks gift card. World of tanks is not affiliated with Enemy Dawn. Enemy Dawn do value your privacy and security so your email will not go to any third party. Check out our trailer video on youtube. http://youtu.be/UKLB_4kLb-c .Also visit us at http://www.enemydawn.com  /Facebook @ enemydawn1939 or twitter.